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About Greg

Seeds Of Faith.

Born in Orange County, NY, Greg grew up north of the Catskills with his parents, two brothers and a sister.  Learning hard work at an early age, Greg spent much of his growing up years laboring on his family’s dairy farm and excelling at numerous sports activities.  Though his family was not yet rooted in Christ, the Lord was weaving Himself into Greg’s life in preparation for greater things still to come for His life. At the age of 15, devastation came into Greg’s life by the unexpected death of a close friend in a house fire.  Secluding himself in his bedroom for the rest of the summer months, Greg taught himself to play guitar while grieving the loss of his friend and struggling to grasp the mortality of life.  It was in this season of his life that God began planting seeds of faith in Greg’s life by growing his musical abilities, yet it would take years before Greg discovered from Whom this talent was given.   After graduating from Jefferson High School, Greg moved to Ohio to attend The Ohio Institute of Technology.  Here, he pursued opportunities to play guitar with local bands and in the process, met his first wife, Tara, whom he married in 1985. 

New Life In Christ.

A neighbor who was a believer in Christ persistently invited Greg and Tara to his church until they finally agreed to attend a worship service.  After attending for a time, Greg committed his life to Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, and Tara, who was raised in the church, rededicated herself to a life of faith in Christ at New Life Community Baptist Church in Gahanna, OH.  Young in his faith, Greg found himself hungry for the things of God, and began diligently studying God’s Word while being discipled by the Worship Pastor at his church.

Serving The Local Church.

The years following Greg’s salvation experience provided opportunities for him to serve in ministry as an adult small group leader and an adult, youth and student Sunday School teacher.  The Lord also raised up the musical abilities He began cultivating in Greg’s life many years prior by creating opportunities for Greg to serve Him musically by playing guitar on the worship team, and as a member of the adult worship choir and special music soloist.  His career moving him and his family out of state, and finally back to Ohio, Greg actively participated in teaching and worship ministries at Brice United Methodist Church in Brice, OH, and in 1996 moved to Ashville, OH, where his family settled to raise their children.  Greg’s church involvement included serving as the Director of Music for multiple Vacation Bible School ministries and kid’s summer camps.  Discovering a giftedness in the area of songwriting and arranging, Greg’s original music was performed in collaboration with worship choirs and praise teams in his local church. In addition to serving through teaching and music, Greg had opportunities to lead worship for Columbus Prison Ministries, and served as Chairman of the Church Planning Committee and as a member of the Worship Committee.   Additionally, Greg preached at various churches, which eventually led his family to Blessed Hope Bible Church in Ashville, OH, where Greg was called to be on staff as the Pastor of Youth.  In addition to his youth ministry, Greg became a founding member of Lighthouse, a youth outreach music ministry, where he used his vocal and guitar skills through opportunities to play and sing at youth festivals and outreach events.

An Unexpected Calling.

In 1999, Greg received his life’s most challenging ministry calling to date – caring for his wife who was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age of 34.  Shaken by this life-changing news, Greg found refuge in the Word of God, which equipped him with the necessary strength and wisdom to care for his wife and two daughters while continuing to serve as the Pastor of Youth and preaching bi-weekly to fill in for the church’s Senior Pastor whose health was beginning to fail.  Eventually, Greg was burdened to step away from his service in the church to focus solely on serving his wife, who passed on to her eternal home in 2001.

A New Season.

The year of 2002 brought a new season of ministry into Greg’s life, as he and Heather were married and began to establish their new family.  Shortly thereafter, the Lord birthed One Voice Ministries, the blending of Greg and Heather’s teaching and worship ministries.  Over the years, Greg and Heather have been actively involved in teaching and worship ministries in their local church, and have led worship, as well as taught seminars for numerous state conferences in Ohio, local church events such as revivals and retreats, and are ministry partners with the State Convention of Baptists in Ohio (SCBO) in the area of teaching and worship.  Additionally, Greg and Heather served as the Lead Worshippers for the Saturday Night Worship Gathering at FBC Groveport, OH for over two years and most recently were commissioned as missionaries through the North American Mission Board (NAMB) in the area of worship. 

To learn more about Greg’s ministry with his wife, Heather, as One Voice Worship, please visit the Story page on this website.  More information about One Voice Worship and how Greg can minister to you, your congregation or ministry organization can be found by visiting the Speaking and Teaching, Voice Studio, Worship Leading, Worship Consulting and Contact pages within this website.