Artistry. Discipleship. Worship.
Together as One Voice Worship, Greg and Heather Hitchcock serve as Church Worship Strengthener Missionaries through the North American Mission Board (NAMB) in North America, through which they provide excellence in speaking and teaching and modern worship leading, as well as culturally relevant worship team consulting and discipleship in the areas of leadership development; instrumental and vocal arrangement; media assessment; vocal coaching for choirs, worship teams and individuals; and artist development. 

Through their ministry, Greg and Heather's goal is that, through the strengthening of worship ministries within the body of Christ, an environment would be facilitated where the Lord can draw believers unto Himself through His Spirit in conviction of sin, submission to His will, and renewed fervor for living boldly as a witness for Him in a lost world. And further, that this renewed environment would allow the Gospel message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to be clearly communicated without distraction or hindrance to the unsaved and thereby cultivate the opportunity for them to receive Christ through their worship experience.

With hearts passionate for the local body of Christ, the multi-faceted ministry of One Voice Worship challenges and encourages believers to engage in lifestyle-worship, thoughtful and intentional ministry preparation, and effective stewardship of their abilities and skills in effort to cultivate a personal and corporate worship environment where the Lord can draw believers unto Himself through the Gospel message found in His Word and its application in the lives of His people.

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