Artistry. Discipleship. Worship.
Speaking & Teaching

Encouragement & Inspiration.

Compelled to share their story of God's healing and restoration in their lives,  Greg and Heather Hitchcock offer encouragement and inspiration to fellow believers in Christ, and provide the seeker with a reason to trust their earthly life and eternal residence to our God who loves, forgives, and works all things for good.

Two Lives, One Compelling Story.

Greg and Heather Hitchcock have years of experience with ministering to various audiences.  Whether Greg is speaking to men about living as a man of God and a spiritual leader in the home, Heather is teaching women about finding self-worth and and confidence in Christ, together they are communicating God's message of purity and overcoming strongholds to youth and students, or they are consulting with a worship team, the ministry of One Voice Worship is certain to cultivate an impactful corporate, yet incredibly personal worship environment through teaching where the Lord can draw believers unto Himself through the truths found in His Word and its application to the lives of His people.

Resources For Any Audience.

One Voice Worship can deliver a customized or pre-designed session to capture the interest and relate to any audience in a variety of event settings:
  • Men's and Women's Conferences & Events
  • Marriage Conferences & Couple's Retreats   
  • Revivals, Worship Services & Events 
  • Youth & Student Ministries Events
Unique resources available for Women's Ministries can be found via the following link.

Detailed information for Youth and Student Ministry offerings can be found by clicking the link below.