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Women's Ministries

Less Than Picture Perfect.

A day in the life of today's woman is never picture perfect.  With so many demands calling for our time and attention - husbands, children, housework, bills, errands, careers, ailing parents, friends, church ministries and activities, and the list could go on and on - it sometimes seems impossible to focus on hearing God's voice in our lives amidst the chaos.

Living In God's Grace.

Living less-than-picture-perfect is quite familiar to Heather Hitchcock.  She's struggled to balance work and ministry while caring for a mother with failing health and a father battling terminal cancer.  She's battled the strongholds of anorexia and bulimia.  She became an "instant Mom" to two teenage daughters at the age of 25 when she married her husband, Greg.  She knows the busyness of juggling the family schedule between ministry, work, track practice, band rehearsal, youth group, packing lunches, slumber parties, school dances, not to mention getting the groceries, finishing the laundry, and when the rare opportunity came - taking time to spend it with her husband, let alone for herself.  Yet in spite of the chaos of the daily grind, Heather has found that it is possible to walk daily with the Lord, and live in the beauty of His grace to become all that He has created a woman of God to be. 

Multi-faceted Ministry.

With years of experience serving in women’s ministries and learning the blessing of living daily in God’s strength and enabling, Heather has a passion to encourage and equip other women through sharing her story of what God has done in her life and the unique ministry He has provided for her and her husband, Greg.
Pairing music and teaching, Heather’s multi-faceted ministry provides two essential resources for discipling women – sincere worship through song and transparent, applicable teaching, both of which bring the Word of God to life!
Heather is available for both speaking and worship leading engagements, or a blend thereof for a life-changing ministry event! 
Popular resources are listed below; choose a pre-designed session or collaborate with Heather to create a customized event that meets the specific needs of the women in your ministry.
To find out more, visit the About Heather and Contact pages on this website, and start planning your women’s ministries event today!

available resources:

Threads of Life:  Often to us, our life appears to be a sequence of days in disarray, without any semblance of order or "big picture" purpose.  However, from God's perspective, He is intentionally weaving each thread of our lives to create a beautiful "quilt" with Himself as the pattern and His glory as the grand design.  In this session, learn about the  distinctive threads of life, God's "quilting" process, and how to pattern your life after Him with His perspective.

Created to Serve:  We are God’s handiwork, uniquely created to serve in His name, as no one else can, for such a time as this!  Together, we'll identify Biblical truths and practical application of key principles such as why we should serve God and others, what authentic service looks like, as well as how to discover our unmatched ministry shape that God has designed for us to use for His glory and to lead people to Christ.

A Praying Love:  Of all the acts of love we could perform for our family, prayer is the most significant and yet often, the most overlooked.  Digging into God's Word, we'll examine key passages that will lead us to a closer relationship with Him, and our family, through the transforming power of prayer.

Outstretched Arms:  Demonstrating Christ's Love:  We cannot tell others what we don't know, or share what we have not experienced.  Thus, to demonstrate Christ's love to the world, we first must experience His love in our lives, and embrace what it means to love like Jesus.  In this Scripture-filled session, we'll uncover Christ's invitation of love to us, learn how to daily respond to it, and finally, how to release His love to the world by embracing others with outstretched arms.