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Worship Consulting

Proven Experience.

Together as One Voice Worship, Greg and Heather Hitchcock serve as Worship Consultants, providing culturally relevant worship team coaching and discipleship and training in the areas of leadership development; instrumental and vocal arrangement; media assessment; vocal coaching for choirs, praise teams and individuals; and artist development.  

With over ten years of worship leading and coaching experience, and having previously partnered with the North American Mission Board where they served as Worship Missionaries in the area of Church Strengthening, Greg and Heather offer a unique blend of experiential knowledge both as a leader and team participant, as well as a passion for worship discipleship within the local church.

Hands-on Learning & Practical Application.

Through customized or pre-designed seminars and conferences capturing popular topics such as the LifeWay Worship Project, servant leadership and worship leadership development, ministry organization and growth, service planning and song arranging, youth worship ministry, and worship team vocals, One Voice Worship will bring practical life and ministry application of Biblical and musical principles to your worship ministry through a blended teaching and hands-on learning experience.  From the classroom group teaching session to the platform where instrumentalists and vocalists can apply what they've learned, participants can expect to leave encouraged, motivated and equipped to serve in their area of worship ministry with a renewed sense of purpose, capability and desire to serve the Lord with excellence.

Fostering Intentional Ministry.

With hearts passionate for the local body of Christ, the multi-faceted ministry of One Voice Worship challenges and encourages believers to engage in lifestyle-worship, thoughtful and intentional ministry preparation, and effective stewardship of their abilities and skills in effort to cultivate a personal and corporate worship environment where the Lord can draw believers unto Himself through the Gospel message found in His Word and its application in the lives of His people. 

Customized and Pre-Designed Resources.

Whether you choose from the following pre-designed offerings, or partner to customize or create a resource that complements your ministry's unique strengths and challenges, One Voice Worship will equip you and your ministry with the tools you need to successfully engage and grow in the area of worship ministry.

available resources include:

Preparing to Lead-How Personal Devotion Impacts Corporate Worship:   Focuses on the necessity for Worship Leaders to spend time in personal reflection, devotion, and worship of God in order to guide his or her congregation in a fresh worship experience, and how their personal walk with the Lord impacts corporate worship by enhancing-or hindering-the worship life of their church community.

The Heart of the Artist:   A necessary training opportunity for anyone involved in any aspect of worship ministry.  Topics include inviting God-sized vision into your ministry, servant leadership, benefits of an effective and efficient rehearsal process, and fostering a creative environment of unity.

[aw-then-tik] worship: Discover the three essential elements of authentic worship, and how they align with the Scriptural view of God's vision for worship.  A must for any worship team desiring to elevate their ministry to a higher level of personal and musical excellence.

We’re A Worship Team, So Now What?!?:  Ideal for new or maturing worship teams.  Discusses how to recruit servant-leaders into ministry, how to equally balance vocals and instruments on a worship team and in the audio mix, effective song arranging to complement the worship team’s musical ability and the congregational worship style, and useful worship resources for downloading chord charts and instrumentation. 

X-Treme Worship:  Specifically for Youth Ministry staff and student worship teams.  Included are topics such as cultivating a positive worship experience through creating a comfortable and engaging worship environment, how to blend traditional and modern music for a balanced musical encounter, and worship resources that can be used to facilitate multi-sensory worship for student ministry.

Defining Worship Vocals: This session explores four important facets of vocals in the context of worship ministry – attitude and stage presence, vocal health, correct vocal technique and practical technique application.  Suitable for the recreational choir member to the seasoned solo artist, regardless of vocal experience or age. 

Worship Guitar: This session is available for acoustic and electric guitar, or a blend thereof, designed to explore various techniques and equipment that will enhance the traditional or modern worship experience through the use of the guitar instrument.

Discover The LifeWay Worship Project: An overview of the available print, recorded visual and on-line resources available through the LifeWay Worship Project, as well as a discussion about the mission and purpose of the LifeWay Worship Project and how implementing this easy to use resource will enhance the worship life of a congregation and lead them in a fresh worship experience week after week.  

The LifeWay Worship Project-A Closer Look:  A close-up look at the components of the LifeWay Worship Project with a “hands on” option available.  Experience, a revolutionary new website that functions as a planning tool that complements all the resources from the LifeWay Worship Project.  This session explores cutting-edge feature of SongMap, an on-line tool that allows users to customize and download song arrangements, as well as an examination of the various companion products of the 2008 Baptist Hymnal and 2008 The Worship Hymnal which include WorshipCharts on CD-ROM for instrumentalists, WorshipTrack accompaniment tracks, and WorshipMedia presentations all available through The LifeWay Worship Project.