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Capturing the attention and trust of students can be a difficult task.  Using an interactive format complemented by their energetic team-teaching style, Greg and Heather Hitchcock effectively communicate practical and applicable lessons, built on the foundation of God's Word, to today's students - tomorrow's world changers for Christ!
  • You Are More:  Contrary to the message communicated by society, we were created for more than the things of this world, and in Christ, we are new creations and can live in freedom with a greater purpose for our life.  Using the Tenth Avenue North song "You Are More" as the thematic backdrop and content based on the truth of 2 Corinthians 5:17 which says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creature; the old things passed away; behold, new things have come,” this session challenges students to think counter-culturally by examining three key elements necessary for living “more” of life: maintaining purity in body, mind and spirit; overcoming strongholds and resisting temptation; and successfully running and finishing the race of life as a witness to others and offering to God.
  • Living From The Inside Out:  What does it mean to live inside out for Christ?  It requires surrendering to His Lordship, a commitment to His truths for everyday living, and perseverance to withstand the world's pressures and temptation.  With a emphasis on preserving and maintaining sexual purity, this session will discuss how to live a "clean" life for Christ in body, mind and spirit.
  • True Love Waits:  Honestly applying their personal testimonies on the topic of sexual purity, Greg and Heather Hitchcock have experience leading students through the True Love Waits program, which is ideal for a student weekend retreat.  The True Love Waits program, available through LifeWay Christian Resources,  challenges teenagers and college students to make a commitment to sexual abstinence until marriage. Through a variety of resources, students will be encouraged to live with moral purity by adhering to biblical principles. 
  • X-Treme Worship:  Specifically for Youth Ministry staff and student worship teams.  Included are topics such as cultivating a positive worship experience through creating a comfortable and engaging worship environment, how to blend traditional and modern music for a balanced musical encounter, and worship resources that can be used to facilitate multi-sensory worship for student ministry.

For Girls Only...

  • Beauty to Die For:  Challenging the culture's message of what is aesthetically pleasing, Beauty To Die For takes an honest look at the deception the enemy is communicating as truth through today's celebrity cosmopolitan.  Candidly sharing her own experiences with anorexia. bulimia, and self-harm, Heather exposes the deception of worldly media and its impact on developing a distorted body image and false definitions of what "beautiful" looks like.  In this session, young women will be lovingly guided back to the truths of Scripture where they will discover God's attainable definition of beauty that is more than superficial and radiates from the inside out.
  • Spiritual Makeover:  The perfect "girl's only" retreat for tweens and teens!  In this fun and engaging session, girls will have the opportunity to experience a makeover like none other!  While the delight begins with trying and applying new beauty products, the "make-up" lessons don't stop there!  In the process of beautifying on the outside, girls will discover how each product - cleanser, exfoliator, foundation, concealer, lipstick, nail polish, and more - possess a spiritual lesson to be learned and applied to enhance their inner beauty in Christ!
  • Purity:  Simply stated, purity is more than abstaining from sex until marriage; rather, it involves the way you interact with people, the things you think about, the activities you engage in, and how you invest your time.  True purity is surrendering and committing every area of your life to God.  together, we'll explore how the world defines purity, and contrast that definition with God's definition of what it means to live a pure life for Him.  In addition, we'll discover practical application of truth to living a pure life in body, mind and spirit, and the blessings God desires to give us by doing so.
  • Bride To Be:  Every girl's dream is to be a radiant bride, the most lovely image of beauty her bridegroom has ever beheld!  But what happens when the festivities are over and reality sets in?  In this simple, yet practical session, we'll discuss and apply five basic truths found in Scripture addressing identity, unconditional love, prayer, service, and the "three S's of marriage."  A session well-suited for college-aged young women and brides to be.